( This is not another “JUST DO IT” answer. )

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“How can I procrastinate less?” — A question I answered on Quora

Before writing this answer, it’s been months since I wrote anything. Why?

Just like you, I am a master procrastinator myself.

Later turns to tomorrow, next week, and evolving to I’ll do that during the last minute of the deadline.

And that’s been a big problem for both my career and my personal life.

So what do I do?

#1 — Start taking 1 tiny step

  • I used to write 500–1000 word articles in a day
  • Work out for at least an hour
  • Edit 5…

Finding a productive place to work was really tough.

As a student, my budget was always limited. Computer shops would be my №1 go to for a decent internet, just to watch a 20 minute Science video on YouTube to understand what my teacher just taught me, or just to upload numerous revisions for group works, especially during thesis. But the downside was, the CompShop is a noisy place to be in, and not advisable for studying. THANK GOD I STILL GRADUATED!

When I decided to be a filmmaker/screenwriter, working from home felt isolating, and the bed was the main trigger for procrastination and laziness.

So I tried doing…

because I am one.

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Almost a month has passed since I wrote a blog post here on Medium.

In that span of time in 2018, I have done a lot more memorable things than I did the 2 previous years.

I have run a 5 and 10 KM race, rode a horse, saw a hot air balloon for the first time and interviewed a modern-day witch. I’ll share more of these topics in the next articles :P.

Though there are times that I miss writing, vlogging and making films. Like an addict who needs their daily fix.

I wanted to write more, vlog more


I don't want to jinx it, but I'm loving 2018 so far.

I've met new friends, new opportunities are opening one by one, and lastly I have a DAY JOB.

For the past 2 years, my mind was fixed on being an entrepreneur, and just working for myself full-time.

The image of working in a cubicle, and having a boss terrifies the shit out of me. I still am.

I am very grateful, because things were not like this before... so let's backup a bit.


I want to pursue a career as a filmmaker. I have this crazy fantasy in…

Here is a video essay transcript of the video below. I just want to share to you fellow Medium writers about why the famous line of Gary Vaynerchuck is that important.

Document, don’t create — Gary Vaynerchuk

I never imagined myself being a writer.

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Sure, J.K. Rowling creating a magical world with her words in a coffee shop may seem awesome and cool.

But trust me, as much as I wanted to read 7 Harry Potter books sitting on my shelf, I’d rather spend a whole day having a movie marathon with my buddies.

The thought of me sitting down and writing words on a blank page wasn’t my cup of tea.

Just by seeing chunks of words on a piece of paper reminds me of essay tests.

Writing on a Journal

It all changed when I started journaling every single day by September 2016. I didn’t…

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This is a tough pill to swallow, but after 6 months of pursuing the things I love — — I’ve learned it’s going to be a rough ride, there will never be shortcuts.

If you’re a type of person who watches a lot of motivational and inspirational content online. “Do what you love!” will be a sentence that you would be hearing often. Even the awesome Gary Vaynerchuck says this line.

“I am so tired of school. What should I do?” — A question I answered on Quora

I dropped out because I was sick and tired of school.

If there was any advice that could have prevented me from doing that — it would be…

Making a Vision Board.

Cut things up from a magazine, make a Pinterest board, or compile an Instagram goals collection. ANYTHING. Just create something visually that will motivate you every single day — that you will strive for.

Something that you’ll look at when you’re at your lowest. It will make you remember what you’re aiming for.

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Video editing is a powerful skill to master when it comes to filmmaking. A boring film could drastically change when editing is done right. Every Oscar Award-winning editor started from scratch, it will take time to master it, but you’ll eventually get there as long as you don’t give up.

The most challenging part for every newbie in this particular field would be where and how to start. Don’t you worry young and aspiring video editor. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 6 tips that could help you kick start your career in editing videos.

1. Be A Film Nerd

In order to…

I can’t remember the filmmaker who said this on a podcast or an interview, but this is very applicable to anyone in the creative field.

He said that there are only 2 types of filmmakers in the world.

The first type is someone who keeps saying they’re going to make a film, while the second type is someone who’s actually making a film.

After hearing this, I felt an arrow piercing through my chest and just staying there.

I am the first type of filmmaker.

The Truth Hurts

Those harsh words were tough to swallow, especially because its true. Putting a label on…

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